AusDM 2019 Australasian Data Mining Conference

AI/AusDM 2019 Program Summary

2-5 December 2019

Location: InterContinental Adelaide at North Terrace,
Adelaide SA 5000 (map)

2 Dec, Mon

Time Session
10:30-12:40pm Workshop (details)

Room Banksia2
12:40-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-4:00pm Room Banksia2

Room Banksia1
Tutorial: From Statistical to Causal Learning
Dr Mingming Gong

3 Dec, Tue

Time Session
9:00-10:30 Room Ballroom
Opening & Keynote

Opening speech
Prof Simon Beecham, DVC, UniSA

Keynote: Visual Question answering, and why we are asking the wrong
Prof Anton van den Hengel
10:30-11:00 Morning tea
11:00-12:40pm Session 2b1: Room Banksia1
AI presentations: NLP & text
Using Feature Filtering Metrics as Meta-dimensions in Constructing
Distributional Representations

Dongqiang Yang, Yanqin Yin, Tonghui Han and Hongwei Ma
The Thin Line Between Hate and Profanity
Kosisochukwu Madukwe and Xiaoying Gao
To Extend or Not to Extend? Context-specific Corpus Enrichment
Felix Kuhr, Tanya Braun, Magnus Bender and Ralf Möller
Frequent Semantic Patterns for Document Relevance Ranking
Tran Diem Hanh Nguyen, Yue Xu and Yuefeng Li

Session 2b2: Room Ballroom
AI presentations: Image processing
LumNet: A deep neural network for Lumbar Paraspinal Muscles

Yingdi Zhang, Zelin Shi and Yunpeng Liu
Semi-Supervised Learning using Siamese Networks
Attaullah Sahito, Bernhard Pfahringer and Attaullah Sahito
Multi-Label Feature Selection Using Particle Swarm Optimization: Novel
Initialization Mechanisms

Juhini Desai, Bach Nguyen and Bing Xue
Intrinsically Motivated Active Perception For Multi-Areas View Tasks
Dashun Pei and Linhua Jiang

Session 2b3: Room Banksia2
AusDM presentations: Research Track I
An Efficient Risk Data Learning with LSTM RNN
Ka Yee Wong and Raymond Wong
Estimating County Health Indices using Graph Neural Networks
Hung Nguyen, Thin Nguyen and Thanh Nguyen
Applying Softmax Classiers to Open Set
Darren Webb
Topic Representation using Semantic-based Patterns
Dakshi Kapugama Geeganage, Yue Xu and Yuefeng Li
12:40-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-2:30pm Room Ballroom

Keynote: Forgotten questions in brain-inspired computing?
Prof Xin Yao
2:40-3:30pm Session 2d1: Room Banksia1
AI presentations: NLP & Query
Efficient Multiple Query Answering in Switched Probabilistic Relational

Marcel Gehrke, Tanya Braun and Ralf Möller
Finding ALL Answers to OBDA Queries using Referring Expressions
David Toman and Grant Weddell

Session 2d2: Room Ballroom
Tutorial: Deep learning security: adversarial attack and defense
Dr Sarah Erfani and Dr Xingjun Ma

Session 2d3: Room Banksia2
AusDM presentations: Research Track II & Application Track I
Outlier Detection based Accurate Geocoding of Historical Addresses
Nishadi Kirielle, Peter Christen and Thilina Ranbaduge
Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are. Finding anomalous
time series by conspicuous cluster transitions

Martha Tatusch, Gerhard Klassen, Marcus Bravidor and Stefan Conrad
3:30-4:00pm Afternoon tea
4:00-5:40pm Session 2d1: Room Banksia1 (Continued)
Verb Semantics: Machine Learning and the Stuff of Thought
Csaba Veres and Bjorn-Helge Sandblast
Deep Hybrid Contextual Word Representation for Twitter Sentiment

Usman Naseem and Shah Khalid Khan
Analyzing the Variation Property of Contextualized Word Representations
Sakae Mizuki and Naoaki Okazaki
Feature Importance for Biomedical Named Entity Recognition
Hamish Huggard, Aaron Zhang, Edmond Zhang and Yun Sing Koh

Session 2d2: Room Ballroom (Continued)

Session 2d3: Room Banksia2 (Continued)
Interactive Deep Metric Learning for Healthcare Cohort Discovery
Yang Wang, Guodong Long, Xueping Peng, Allison Clarke, Robin Stevenson
and Leah Gerrard

Readiness of Smartphones for Data Collection and Data Mining with an
Example Application in Mental Health

Darren Yates and Zahid Islam
Curtailing the Tax Leakages by Nabbing Return Defaulters in Taxation

Ms Priya, Jithin Mathews, Sandeep Kumar, Suryamukhi K and Sobhan Babu
6:00-7:30pm Cocktail reception
(In the Foyer outside the Ballroom)

4 Dec, Wed

Time Session
9:00-10:00 Room Ballroom

Keynote: AI: past, present, future
Dr Dale Lambert
10:00-10:30 Morning tea
10:30-12:40pm Session 3b1: Room Banksia1
AI presentations: Machine learning
Online K-Means Clustering with Lightweight Coresets
Jia Shun Low, Zahra Ghafoori and Christopher Leckie
Solving safety problems with ensemble reinforcement learning
Leonardo Anjoletto Ferreira, Thiago F. dos Santos, Reinaldo A. C. Bianchi and
Paulo E. Santos

Evaluating the boundaries of Big Data environments for Machine

Fathima Nuzla Ismail, Brendon J. Woodford and Sherlock A. Licorish
Sharpening the BLADE: Missing Data Imputation using Supervised
Machine Learning

Marcus Suresh, Ronnie Taib, Yanchang Zhao and Warren Jin
Predicting financial well-being using observable features and gradient

Iqbal Madakkatel, Belinda Chiera and Mark McDonnell

Session 3b2: Room Ballroom
DST session (program)
Organizers: Dr Asanka Kekirigoda, Mr Zhuoyun Ao and Dr Kin ping Hui
Invited Talk
Dr Don Gossink, Chief Scientist, Consunet Pty Ltd.
The Application of AlphaZero to Wargaming
Glennn Moy and Slava Shekh
Defeating Kinematically Superior Threats with Lower Performance
Interceptor Team applying Reachability Driven Regret-matching

Arvind Rajagopalan, Duong Nguyen and Jijoong Kim
An Empirical Study of Reward Structures for Actor-Critic
Reinforcement Learning in Air Combat Manoeuvring Simulation

Budi Kurniawan, Peter Vamplew and Michael Papasimeon

Session 3b3: Room Banksia2
AusDM presentations: Research Track III
A Learning Approach for Ill-Posed Optimisation Problems
Joerg Frochte and Stephen Marsland
SPDF: Set Probabilistic Distance Features for Prediction of Population
Health Outcomes via Social Media

Hung Nguyen, Thin Nguyen and Thanh Nguyen
Joint Sequential Data Prediction with Multi-stream Stacked LSTM

Toan Nguyen Thanh, Orçun Gümüş, Tam Nguyen Thanh, Hung Nguyen Quoc
Viet and Jun Jo

Using Transfer Learning to Detect Phishing in Countries with a Small

Wernsen Wong, Yun Sing Koh and Gill Dobbie
Improving Clustering via a Fine-Grained Parallel Genetic Algorithm with
Information Sharing

Storm Bartlett and Zahid Islam
12:40-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-2:30pm Room Ballroom

Keynote: Instance Spaces for objective assessment of algorithms and
benchmark test suites
Prof Kate Smith-Miles
2:40-3:30pm Session 3d1: Room Banksia1
AI presentations: Knowledge & representation
Exploring Unknown Universes in Probabilistic Relational Models
Tanya Braun and Ralf Möller
Constructing CP-nets from Users Past Selection
Reza Khoshkangini, Maria Silvia Pinni and Francesca Rossi

Session 3d2: Room Ballroom
DST session (program)
Organizers: Dr Asanka Kekirigoda, Mr Zhuoyun Ao and Dr Kin ping Hui
Invited Talk
Lt Col Robin Smith
DST Presentations

Session 3d3: Room Banksia2
AusDM presentations: Application Track II & Industry Showcase
Network Path Estimation in Uncertain Data via Entity Resolution
Dean Philp, Naomi Chan and Wolfgang Mayer
Data Replication optimization using Simulated Annealing
Chee Keong Wee and Richi Nayak
3:30-4:00pm Afternoon tea
4:00-5:40pm Session 3d1: Room Banksia1 (Continued)
An Efficient Solver for Parametrized Difference Revision
Aaron Hunter and John Agapeyev
Answering Why-Questions using Probabilistic Logic Programming
Abdus Salam, Rolf Schwitter and Mehmet A. Orgun
DINE: A Framework for Deep Incomplete Network Embedding
Ke Hou, Jiaying Liu, Yin Peng, Bo Xu, Ivan Lee and Feng Xia
Predictive Representation Learning in Motif-based Graph Networks
Kaiyuan Zhang, Shuo Yu, Liangtian Wan, Jianxin Li and Feng Xia

Session 3d2: Room Ballroom (Continued)

Session 3d3: Room Banksia2 (Continued)
Predictive analytics for tertiary learners in New Zealand who are at risk of
dropping out of education

Wenying Xu, Scott Luo, Stephanie Hacksley, Tim Trewinnard, Stuart
Cambridge and Syen Jien Nik

Digital Profiling
Warwick Graco, Tony Nolan, Stewart Turner and Hari Koesmarno
An Industrial Showcase of the Application of Text Mining in Learning
Management Systems

Alireza Ahadi
7:00pm Conf Banquet
(In the Ballroom)

5 Dec, Thu

Time Session
9:00-10:00 Room Ballroom

Keynote: Machine learning for data streams
Prof Albert Bifet
10:00-10:30 Morning tea
10:30-12:40pm Session 4b1: Room Banksia1
AI presentations: multiagent, game
Helping an Agent Reach a Different Goal by Action Transfer in
Reinforcement Learning

Yuchen Wang, Fenghui Ren and Minjie Zhang
Multi-Minimax: A New AI Paradigm for Simultaneously-played
Multi-Player Games

Nicolas Perez and John Oommen
Memory-based Explainable Reinforcement Learning
Francisco Cruz, Richard Dazeley and Peter Vamplew
Analysis of Coalition Formation in Cooperative Games Using
Crowdsourcing and Machine Learning

Yuko Sakurai and Satoshi Oyama

Session 4b2: Room Ballroom
AI presentations: evolutionary
A Biased Random Key Genetic Algorithm with Rollout Evaluations for the
Resource Constraint Job Scheduling Problem

Christian Blum, Dhananjay Thiruvady, Andreas Ernst, Matthias Horn and
Günther R. Raidl

Efficient 3D Depthwise and Separable Convolutions with Dilation for
Brain Tumor Segmentation

Donghao Zhang, Yang Song, Dongnan Liu, Chaoyi Zhang, Yicheng Wu, Heng
Wang, Fan Zhang, Yong Xia, Lauren O’donnell and Weidong Cai

Genetic Programming with Pareto Local Search for Many-Objective Job
Shop Scheduling

Atiya Masood, Gang Chen, Yi Mei, Harith Al-Sahaf and Mengjie Zhang
Optimising Pump Scheduling for Water Distribution Networks
Yanchang Zhao
Towards Robust Web Service Composition with Stochastic Service
Failures Based on a Genetic Algorithm

Chen Wang, Hui Ma, Gang Chen and Sven Hartmann

Session 4b3: Room Banksia2
AusDM + AI presentations

AI Papers
Fast Filtering for Nearest Neighbor Search by Sketch Enumeration
without Using Matching

Naoya Higuchi, Yasunobu Imamura, Tetsuji Kuboyama, Kouichi Hirata and
Takeshi Shinohara

Sequence-to-Sequence Imputation of Missing Sensor Data
Joel Dabrowski and Ashfaqur Rahman

AusDM: Application Track III
Interpretability of Machine Learning Solutions in Industrial Decision

Inna Kolyshkina and Simeon Simoff
Customer Wallet Share Estimation For Manufacturers Based on
Transactions Data

Xiang Li, Ali Shemshadi, Lukasz Piotr Olech and Zbigniew Michalewicz
Classifying accidents using recurring concept drift
Robert Anderson, Yun Sing Koh and Gill Dobbie
12:40-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-4:00pm Session 4c1: Room Banksia1
AI presentations: Cognitive, AI applications
The Futility of Bias-Free Learning and Search
George Montanez, Jonathan Hayase, Julius Lauw, Dominique Macias, Akshay
Trikha and Julia Vendemiatti

WinoFlexi: A Crowdsourcing Platform for the Development of Winograd

Nicos Isaak and Loizos Michael
Detecting depression in dyadic conversations with multimodal narratives
and visualizations

Joshua Kim, Greyson Kim and Kalina Yacef
An Explainable Intelligence Model for security event analysis
Neda Afzaliseresht, Qing Liu and Yuan Miao

Session 4c2: Room Ballroom
Tutorial: Deep learning methods, practices and applications
Dr Ehsan Abbasnejad

Session 4c3: Room Banksia2
AI Presentations: Bayes Optimization
Information-theoretic Multi-Task Learning framework for Bayesian

Anil Ramachandran, Sunil Gupta, Santu Rana and Svetha Venkatesh
Bayesian Optimisation for Objective Functions with Varying Smoothness
Arun Kumar Anjanapura Venkatesh, Santu Rana, Cheng Li, Sunil Gupta,
Alistair Shilton and Svetha Venkatesh

Bayesian Optimization with Discrete Variables
Phuc Luong, Sunil Gupta, Dang Nguyen, Santu Rana and Svetha Venkatesh
Genetic Programming for Imputation Predictor Selection and Ranking in
Symbolic Regression with High-dimensional Incomplete Data

Baligh Al-Helali, Qi Chen, Bing Xue and Mengjie Zhang
Model Compromise Detection Using Bayesian Optimization
Deepthi Kuttichira, Sunil Gupta, Dang Nguyen, Santu Rana and Svetha

4:00pm Afternoon tea

Important dates

Abstract registration: 15 July 2019
Paper submission (extended): 12 August 2019
Notification: 30 September 2019
Camera-ready: 14 October 2019
(Anywhere on Earth Time)

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