The First IEEE ICDM Workshop on Causal Discovery (CD 2013)

December 7, 2013, Dallas, Texas

Held in conjunction with the 12th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2013)


As a basic tool for explanation, prediction and decision making, causal inference has been utilized in almost all disciplines. Traditionally, causal relationships are identified based on controlled experiments. However, conducting such experiments is impossible in many cases due to cost or ethical concerns. Therefore there has been an increasing interest in discovering causal relationships from observational data only. Recently with the rapid accumulation of huge volume of data, the field of causal discovery is seeing exciting opportunities, as well as greater challenges.

This workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners with the interest in causal discovery, from data mining and other disciplines, to communicate their new ideas, algorithms, and novel applications of causal discovery methods.  The workshop especially welcomes contributions that link data mining research with causal discovery, and solutions to causal discovery from large scale data sets.  


·    Call for Papers (pdf): ACM Transaction on Intelligent Systems and Technology (ACM TIST), Special Issue on Causal Discovery and Inference

·     November 7, 2013: Workshop program is now available.

       We are also very pleased to announce that Professor Clark Glymour will be giving an invited talk at CD 2013. Professor Glymour is the the Alumni University Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. With his collaborators, Professor Glymour developed the causal interpretation of Bayesian networks and he is a co-author of the well-known book on causal discovery: Causation, Prediction and Search  (2nd Edition MIT Press, 2001).

·      September 29/30, 2013: Paper notifications sent out.

·      August 6, 2013: Paper submission deadline extended to August 17, 2013.

·      June 11, 2013: Paper submission site is opened.  Please note that the page limit for 

      this workshop is 10 pages. To access the submission site and  for instructions,

      please click "Submission" in the above (left) navigation frame.

·      May 11, 2013: CD 2013 website is up

·      Another workshop on causality:  "Causality: Perspectives from different  

      disciplines"  is to be held in Vals, Switzerland, August 5-8, 2013. Workshop