The 2nd IEEE ICDM Workshop on Causal Discovery (CD 2014)

December 14, 2014, Shenzhen, China

Held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2014)


Traditionally causal relationships are identified with randomised controlled experiments. However, conducting such experiments is impossible in many cases due to cost or ethical concerns. Therefore discovering causal relationships from passively observed data is considered as an alternative to controlled experiments. In the field of computer science, causal discovery from observational data has attracted enormous research efforts in the past few decades. More recently with the rapid accumulation of huge volume of data, causal discovery is seeing exciting opportunities, as well as greater challenges.  

This workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to share their research in causal discovery, and to explore the possibility of interdisciplinary collaboration in the study of causality. Based on the platform of ICDM, this workshop is especially interested in attracting contributions that link data mining research with causal discovery, and solutions to causal discovery from large scale data sets.


·      August 25 2014: Submission deadline extended to September 26, 2014

·      July 25 2014: Submission deadline extended to August 22, 2014

·      May 30, 2014: Submission page is up

·      May 30, 2014: PC list posted

·      May 2, 2014: CD 2014 website is up