Dr Thuc Le

Senior Lecturer

Data Analytics Group
School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences
University of South Australia


Email: Thuc.Le@UNI, where UNI=unisa.edu.au
Phone: +61 8 830 23996
Post: School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences, UniSA, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095, Australia
Office: D-3-14, Mawson Lakes Campus, Mawson Lakes Blv.


I am currently a DECRA Fellow (2020-2022), and before that, an NHMRC ECR Fellow in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology (2017-2019). Bioinformatics is an inter-disciplinary research area which uses knowledge in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics to solve biological problems. My research focuses on the development of causal inference methods and their applications in Bioinformatics, particularly in gene regulatory networks, cancer drivers, non-coding RNAs, and cancer subtype discovery. I have a diverse educational background with BSc and MSc in Mathematics, BSc in Computer Science, and PhD in Data Science. I have been awarded the Ian Davey Thesis Prize for the most outstanding PhD thesis at UniSA, a visiting researcher at the University of Michigan in 2015, and a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania in 2019. This report long, short summaries my research in the last few years. My CV , Google Scholar , Research Gate , Home Page .

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  1. miRLAB, Homepage in Bioconductor
  2. CancerSubtypes, Homepage in Bioconductor
  3. miRSpongeR, Homepage in Bioconductor
  4. miRBaseConverter, Homepage in Bioconductor
  5. ParallelPC, Homepage in CRAN
  6. Software for the book: "Practical approaches to causal relationship exploration", Causal Book



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Preprints (under review) and Working Papers

  1. Li, J., Zhang, W., Liu, L., Yu, K., Le, T. and Liu, J., 2020. A general framework for causal classification. pdf .
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Thuc Le